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Posted on 09-25-2014

In May of 2014 Lily, a 2 year old Miniature Pinscher, came to us for a 2nd opinion. She had been seen for a sudden onset of sneezing in February at another hospital.  Her previous vet had given her antibiotics multiple times for sneezing and congestion but her symptoms did not improve.

We discussed scoping Lily’s nose but decided we would try treating for allergies first before putting her through the anesthetic procedure. The allergy treatment improved Lily’s symptoms. She was sneezing much less and her breathing was much less congested. However after a couple of months she relapsed. We decided that we would have to scope her nose under anesthesia.

Upon scoping the doctor found and removed a 3 inch blade of rotting grass. The grass had been lodged in Lily’s nose for 6 months! Everyone was shocked. We have removed plenty of foxtails, which are the seed head of certain species of grass, but never a whole blade of grass.

Lily is back to normal now. No sneezing, and is breathing just fine.

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